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Resume – Building – Resources

Create a Winning Resume (OU)

Resume Writing Guide (UCO)

References (RSU)

Resume & Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts

Cover Letter Guide

Job Search Letters (OU)

Resume Booklet (ECU)

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Before – the – Interview

First Impression (OSU)

Preparing for the Interview (OU)

Interview Questions – Samples (OSU)

Legal vs. Illegal Questions (OSU)

Dressing for Interview Success

Professional Dress (OU)

Online Image (OSU)

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During – the – Interview

Pay Attention to Your Body Language (RSU)

By Telephone (RSU)

Questions to Ask the Interviewer

The 1 Most Impressive Job Interview Question to Ask

What To Do During an Interview

7 Things You Should Not Say

Do’s and Don’ts

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After – the – Interview

Sample Thank You Letters

Compare Job Offers

What Not To Do

Why is There Such a Long Wait?

Salary Negotiation Techniques

Making a Final Decision (OSU)

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Additional – Resources

Interview Preparation Guide (UCO)

Interviewing Tips (ORU)

Tips for Native Youth (CMN)

Take An Online Interest Profile

Find Career Direction Quetions and Discover Your Purpose

Browse Careers By Occupation Name

Find Resume and Interview Tips

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